Hair Tips/FAQS

What products should I use on Soloveliy Hair Co?
We recommend using a clarifying shampoo that will get rid of any product on the hair and following up with a Moisture Shampoo to hydrate the hair. We recommend Silicon Mix for the conditioner. While the conditioner is on, we recommend detangling the hair as well. Please let conditioner sit for 15-30 minutes and then thoroughly rinse with cool water. AVOID using strong holding sprays & gels. Using these products will make the hair hard, lifeless and will cause tangles. If this experience this, wash with a Clarifying Shampoo and follow up with Silicon Mix.
Please visit @Soloveliyhairco on instagram for washing videos, instructions and tips. 
Can the Burmese Curly hair be pressed bone straight?
Yes, our Burmese Curly can be pressed Bone Straight but we do recommend professional installation and styling to accomplish your desired look. Please follow washing steps first, to achieve your desired look. 
What is your return policy?
ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  However, we do offer exchanges within 7 days of purchasing if you meet all the exchanges requirements. Please contact us directly if you need to exchange. Please understand that if the hair you would like to exchange is opened and/or used you will not be able to exchange it.